If your pond is 9000 L then your pond pump needs to have a flow rate of 9000 L per hour. If you have a Koi pond then you need a pump which will circulate 100% of the pond water every hour. A 9000 L Koi pond would require a pump with a minimum flow rate of 9000 L per hour. Overall, this is one of the best pond pumps if you have small fish and wildlife in your pond. The wildlife protection system should prevent them from getting stuck in the pump, which could happen with larger models.

But lots of other cops then and before shot lots of bad guys and killed many. Bought my backup 2” in 1971 and still carry it without feeling inadequate. I would recommend a Smith and Wesson Model 66 with a 2.75″ Barrel. I carry one everyday, loaded with Remington 125 grain Golden Sabres. The 66 is a K Frame, which is a medium frame which performs similar to a longer barrel, but is concealable.

  • Magnum itself is nothing more than nomenclature – an marketing name from S&W and Winchester.
  • It’s not a submersible pump though, unlike most pond pumps on this list.
  • Might I suggest something a little more timely in the future and something more researched.
  • The best way I can describe it is that the .45 spreads the recoil out over a longer time, so it’s more like a long shove.

The purpose of mechanical media is to clear the large particles from the pond water. Generally, the water will pass through the mechanical media first, before passing through other filters. Overall, this is one of the best pond pumps in terms of versatility and value for money. It can be used in a variety of different ways, and comes with lots of extras so you can create different fountains without having to buy any separate pieces. The filtration system uses a combination of coarse/medium foam and ceramic bio-media, as well as a polymer wool pad cartridge to remove debris and clean the water. Within one week the filter can clear the water so that it’s possible to see the bottom of even a 60 cm pond.

What water flow does my pump need in my Koi pond?

Approach this with an open mind and see where it takes you. If your pond is for wildlife only, you do not need a pond pump. Frogs and insects will enjoy making use of your natural outside watering hole. Not only does these create an atmospheric lit water feature in the garden, they can also help in terms of safety because you know where the pond is at all times.

In the semi-auto world that seems to be .380 or 9mm, even though both exhibit more recoil than .32 ACP. Since we can’t have zero recoil in a defensive cartridge, we climb the “power ladder” until hitting the recoil wall – the point where recoil causes accuracy and speed to suffer. There is a broad range of power and velocity options in .357 – they aren’t all created equal. Firing three strings of this ammunition through my 640 was a chore. My thumb ended up bruised and remained sore for a few days. I don’t rule out the possibility that this is the type of thing one could ignore in a gunfight – it may be possible.

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Set up is relatively straight forward, not requiring any previous knowledge of pond pumps and filters, although the instructions are quite basic. A friend told me that in a revolver course he took he was encouraged to carry a 3 inch barreled gun rather than a 2 inch barreled one. The rationale was that with the 3 inch the extractor would completely remove the fired casings. With the 2 inch, the shooter would have to manually augment the extractor.

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Like many of the pond pumps featured on this page, it makes use of a UVC lamp, utilising UV light to kill algae as the water is filtered. However, the UV bulb is 11 watts which is slightly more powerful than others. It’s a single unit with just one power cable which makes a change from other pond pumps that can have multiple wires, units, and connectors. It also has filter medium included, so there’s no need to buy a filter separately to the pump. Because I carry a Smith & Wesson 442 in .38 special from time to time.

But I’m realistic about both my, and its capabilities. And that should be the takeaway from this article. There are a ton of reasons to carry something better, but even so, a .38 snub nose is a dangerously effective tool when employed correctly. Personally, I think that it is recommended to new shooters far too often for reasons that can be easily overcome with rudimentary training and familiarization. If you look at videos of a lot of police shootings you may be surprised at how people react to being shot with handguns.

But it’s a combination of what’s involved and the circumstances under which a shooter would do so that makes them difficult. When humans are frightened or confronted with a major threat, our bodies dump adrenaline into our bloodstream. This increases our strength, speed, and stamina. This increase in physical capabilities comes at a cost – reduced fine motor skills.

Don’t care about imprinting , just want to make sure if I have to use it . I believe I’m going to have to go with the heavier bullets and move them a little slower in order to get it more controllable recoil, less muzzle blast, and the proper penetration. I just bought a Ruger SP101 and Full House 357 Magnum loads are no problem in The Recoil Department. If full power 357 loads are too much for you then you bought the wrong gun.

.38 Special Terminal Ballistics Suck

Echoing what Mike said, I’d go with what shoots point-of-aim over almost all else. If the .38 HST hits point-of-aim, it sounds like a winner to me, and with the HST’s formidable reputation (admittedly in calibers other than .38) I’d be comfortable carrying it. Being able to place shots with precision is my first and foremost criteria in a carry gun/load combo. I shot Justin’s 640 Pro with the .357 Gold Dot, and even with some 158 grain, full house loads. The 158s were no fun, but the Gold Dot was a lot easier to control than I thought it would be.

When she hears the whistle she starts at the crotch and shoots five shots straight up the middle until she gets to the face and that little Smith goes click, click, click. I never felt that my backup 3-1/16″ stainless Ruger SP-101 loaded with Federal or Winchester 158gr. LSWCHP +P put me at a disadvantage if I needed to go to it.

And given the seemingly endless number of new subcompact 9mm handguns hitting the market every year, there’s not a huge reason to opt for a .38 over one. Yes, some shooters struggle to rack an auto-loaders slide. But buying a locked-breech pistol and giving proper instruction makes this feasible for anyone who isn’t struggling with a disability. RIP my inbox – but hear me out before you glass me from orbit. A snub-nosed, double-action-only revolver in any caliber is a very difficult firearm to shoot both accurately and quickly.

  • For most domestic ponds, submersible pond pumps are the easiest pump system to set up and use.
  • You should not rinse your biological media filter because it will get rid of all of the bacteria that has built up.
  • And given the seemingly endless number of new subcompact 9mm handguns hitting the market every year, there’s not a huge reason to opt for a .38 over one.
  • It’s one of the best pond pumps for versatility and can be used in ponds with a capacity of up to 1897 L.
  • It’s the gun I am most accurate and fastest with, and my everyday carry pistol (a 4″ Kimber Pro Carry with Crimson Trace LaserGrips).

With an all-steel gun there was very little difference with the .38 and .38 +P loads. When it comes to pond pumps and filters, you may buy them together as a set, or you may buy a pump and pressurised filter system separately. Many pond pumps come with filters that include different types of filter media.

Simplehuman Dishrack, Steel Frame

If I had a M&P 340 CT, I’d probably load it with 148 grain wadcutters or some of my reserve stash of the discontinued, standard pressure, 125 grain Federal Nyclad. I can guarantee that I’d Price DigiByte stick to .38 Special, and wouldn’t bother with testing .357s. The most important part of the equation is not caliber or ammunition, but putting your shots where they will do the best work.

It’s a complicated cocktail and it’s up to you to mix your own. Whether or not you need a pond pump in your pond depends on the sort of pond you have. This is a great additional feature for filters to have and can keep algae levels in the water under control. It would cost you less than 4p a day to run the pump for 24 hours.

Countless amateur and professional penetration tests prove with proper ammo penetration is not a problem. NYPD records prove the effectiveness of 38spl +p 158gn swc Bullet. At 21 ft I’m having no prob hitting 5/5 rapid fire looking over my little painted white front sight. Ejecting spent shells from a 2” snub with a smart smack on the ejected rod.

I liked it because it was loaded to 1000 FPS or so and was only slightly hotter than a 38 special plus P. Have you found a similarly loaded cartridge in 357 magnum? Every thing I see is at least several hundred fps more. Now, I don’t think this is the “end all, be all” of shooting tests, but I did glean a couple of things from it.

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And full house 357 is a bit insane and abusive to such a fragile little j-frame. But that said a mid range load using a 125 grain bullet is not too bad, particularly if you use a well fitting rubber grip. I’ve tried a 340 with Hogue monogrips and it was surprising but not “uncontrollable” with my midrange handloads. The Federal HST 38+P 130 grain load and some of the best new Winchester loads expand to .6″ to .7″ inches and go foot deep after 4 layers of denim.

I am a man who can appreciate a little nuance and I generally shy away from generalizations, so here are my thoughts. You need to be running your pond pump for 24 hours a day. The water needs to be constantly https://cryptolisting.org/ circulating to keep it oxygenated. If it is constantly running through a filter it will also be kept clean. If you have a Koi pond, your pond pump needs to be circulating 100% of the water every hour.

The only big problem is that the coat may catch fire. BTW, only buy inexpensive overcoats if your working. I am actually downloading my 357 to above + p + 38 specials. I switched from 158 down to 125 grain bullets to help with recoil and muzzle blast.

The first side of this debate says you cannot carry magnum ammunition in a revolver. This side seems to have the most acceptance, and I don’t mean to suggest that this bit of conventional wisdom didn’t come from somewhere. In most cases magnum ammunition in a small revolver is uncontrollable and unnecessarily loud. But obviously not completely because I carry magnums, so let’s look at the other side of this coin.

Hozelock 1581 Aquaforce 2500 Pond Pump

They can also be slightly longer, to accommodate the longer cylinder that’s required for .357 Mag. Sometimes a buyer might prefer the smaller/lighter .38 Special gun if all he plans on doing is shooting .38s. The 125-grain Remington was a different experience entirely. This load was far more powerful than the others, and is what I imagine most people conjure of when they think of .357 Magnum ammo. The main problem was that the gun physically moved in my hands.

I love the 38 special, it’s economical, versatile, easy to shoot and reload plus it’s accurate. I have a two inch model 19, at close range it’s okay but it’s not my go to weapon. The magum’s weight has its trade off, but +P’s recoil is tame. Actually Jim small, hammerless, revolvers are great when you need to defend yourself while interviewing a moron who might be involved in a crime. You simply carry it in an overcoat pocket and keep your hand on it as you talk. You just grab your auto pistol and go to work.

Many modern pond pumps also include a UV light for clarifying the water. They will need to be used alongside other filtration methods to remove the algae from the water. As a cop in the 70s carried a 4” Smith; no +P, no speedloaders. Never had to shoot anyone, had transitioned to a 9 when I did.