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However, there are other ways to categorize office filing systems. Organize physical files on the walls by categories, e.g., invoices, receipts, reimbursement requests, etc. Most importantly, categorize files and folders by their importance to make retrieval enjoyable for everyone.

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First, you’ll need to decide what works best for you, and then implement it. For example, you may have a binder system to help you organize day-to-day management of your business such as your schedule, marketing, and copies of your forms. Other ways of creating an effective filing system involve breaking larger folders into subfolders, organizing documents by date, and making digital copies. On the contrary, the best office filing procedure begins by deciding what documents need preservation and those that are not equally important.

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For example, Douglas Asimov comes before Isaac Adams because alphabetically, “D” comes before “I.” It is a quick way to store, find, and manage private and office files. Even so, you’ll still want a system to manage the paper that does get generated. The key is to find the system that is easy for you to stick with and find the information you need when you need it. Use the section dividers to organize your business categories such as pending orders, completed orders, master copies of various forms…etc. From there, you will begin to collect the files in the sheet protectors.

Thirdly, you need to sort and file the documents carefully and chronologically. If there are documents like purchase orders that require follow-up action, that would be the next step. However, it is important to keep an extra copy to remind the filing clerk to request borrowed records.

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Keeping your documents in order is one of those business tasks that slides to the back burner—until you desperately need to find something and curse your lack of a system. This step is totally optional, but it can help you to give you some peace of mind that you’ll always be able to access the information that you need. But it also means you’re at risk of clogging up your space with all sorts of unnecessary records. What you require can vary based on your existing system, business, and goals. The point is to just make sure you’re prepared for the task before diving right in.

What is a computerized filing system?

Archived files are those which no longer need to be reviewed and are permanent files to be stored. Working files can be anything related to your current projects or regular procedures. Above all else, be consistent with file naming throughout your organization.

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You probably have business documents tucked away a lot of different places. Perhaps there’s your filing cabinet, the growing pile on your desk, your tangled web of computer files, plus all of the important paperwork that’s hanging out in your email inbox. Maintaining an effective filing system is essential for the safety of office documents.

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Create a system that differentiates these two file types in a way that makes sense, whether that’s marking it in the file name or dictating where the file is stored. Here are seven ways implementing a computerized filing system can help your business manage documents more efficiently. If you are not personally overseeing the filing process, assign an administrative staff member to be responsible. Make sure your whole team is aware of what changes are being implemented and who is in charge of the process.

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The rules are to avoid confusion around sharing, to prevent multiple copies being made of the same document, and for file tracking. A good electronic filing system shouldn’t disrupt daily to-dos. It has to integrate well with current apps and tools, including email, web navigation, etc. Electronic filing should make life easier by blending seamlessly into your company’s day-to-day. Most systems charge based on storage amount, so having a ballpark of your total data needs is important.

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On the other hand, an encyclopedia format is where you categorize everything by subject first, then group the items within each of them alphabetically. As you get ready to take on a digitally managed system, you will find that your office life becomes less cluttered. You’ll go through a little bit of a learning curve to migrate files online, but with time, it will become easier to manage and maintain. Be consistent with naming conventions (such as date first or ending a document with the last editor’s initials) and files to make searching and categorizing much simpler.

  • For important correspondence that you receive a lot of, such as letters from your lawyer, keep a separate section called Legal along with copies of invoices from your lawyer.
  • Maintaining an effective filing system is essential for the safety of office documents.
  • Consider how you can make the label easy for busy employees to understand in a few seconds or less.
  • However, there are rules to follow when filing documents alphabetically.
  • It’s time to establish a system you can stick with—and invest in the tools to help.

Simply put, you will want the front-end user experience to be seamless and intuitive. Setting up the framework should be minimally invasive for you, but it should also accessible enough that users will be encouraged to adopt it. Aside from system costs, it’s important to consider your skills and the tech-savviness of the rest of your office so that you schedule yourself accordingly. Where necessary, use virtual databases to maintain an effective file system. The last three procedures involve file retrieval, file transfer, and file retention. If you must remove a document, do so only under a written requisition.

Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 358,955 times. Never create a miscellaneous pile for what you can’t categorize, because everything will end up there. This system is best when most of your files are going to be names of clients, patients or customers. For important correspondence that you receive a lot of, such as letters from your lawyer, keep a separate section called Legal along with copies of invoices from your lawyer. You receive in the post you may be able to simply file it in date order in the correspondence section putting the most recent document at the top.

(in some countries this is office equipment or vehicles etc that cost more $400 or $500). You should keep copies of the invoices/receipts in the assets section. So bank account No 1 will have a section for the monthly/weekly statements, and a separate section for the monthly/weekly bank reconciliations. If your financial year runs from January to December you would put all your months back to front, so January is at the bottom and December at the top. As the business grows the sections can be split out into new folders. The number of folders or binders you need will depend on how many transactions your business carries out.

They free up physical space and offer many benefits that help you organize your documents and share them across your company with ease. Switching from a traditional to a computerized filing system can greatly increase your system’s functionality by automating many aspects of the process, like indexing and tracking. Filing systems are an integral part of any office, whether it is a small organization or a large business. While some organizations follow traditional filing systems, others are moving to modern types of filing systems and digital options.

If you’re prone to get behind on prepaid rent, don’t underestimate the usefulness of a shoebox system. This term is used to refer disparagingly to an approach to filing in which everything simply goes in the same box until you have time to deal with it. You’ll also have to be sure that everyone who has access to documents within your organization follows through by consistently naming and storing documents appropriately. Latera filing system is one of the most popular methods of filing in modern offices. They make use of envelope-like folders closed by metal strips. The folders are hung laterally on metal shelves for easy reach.